Please read the posted letter from Bishop Rob for context on basic COVID-19 responses (download above).

As the messengers of God have reminded us in moments of crisis throughout the ages, be not afraid. 

In light of that, we do not want to panic, but we do want to respond in a way that is loving to those who are vulnerable to the virus. This means adjusted practices when we gather for worship and other parish meetings. 

The best information provided at this point indicates that appropriate self-isolation if there are any indications of flu-like symptoms, proactive hand washing, and social distancing are sufficient to minimize risk of transmission of the virus.

The following practices will be implemented at Sunday worship services until further notice:

1. If you have any symptoms indicating lack of health, please stay home. This is the simplest way of demonstrating love and respect to those in our community.

2. We will provide hand sanitizer and hand washing stations for everyone to use as they enter our space on Sundays.

3. A few of our practices such as passing the peace and communion will be adjusted during services - the clergy will provide instructions.

4. Lunches will not be served. Bag lunches for those in need of food will be provided to take away and eat.