David Warnock is our Rector’s warden. As the son of a pastor, he understands the life and leadership of the local parish with an insider’s eye; as a retired farmer, he approaches his role as warden in the “field” that is the parish with wisdom and hopefulness. David is quiet, yet so much of what gets done – and done right – in St. Aidan has his fingerprints on it. That’s because David is a hands-on person whether it be in washing dishes or washing floors, in building cabinets or building community, in strategic planning or daily prayer, in singing with the choir or modeling a harmonious life.

David also has the blessed fortune of being married to Sandra. They are a dynamic duo! They enjoy traveling together, especially to England where David was born. David is an active reader and there seems to be few topics that don’t merit his attention. He is just as likely to be reading about soil management as the parable of the sower. From ancient theology to modern history, from the writings of Dante Alighieri to Ravi Zacharias – there is much that David finds fascinating.

David may be quiet, but don’t let that put you off or think that he doesn’t enjoy good conversation and good company. His demeanour is the fruit of a wise and settled spirit. Not surprisingly, others seek him out often for advice, counsel, and prayer. You should too!