Thank you, faithful teachers, for serving our parish’s children and young people! We hope to re-launch this ministry once pandemic restrictions lift. 

Here are the resources and schedules you need:

Schedule and Contact Information

Here you will find your scheduled Sundays, and a list of all other teachers and participants so that you can find a replacement for yourself when you need. 

Schedule and Contact Info

Kids Church

Our children's program uses the "Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum", and teachers serve on teams of 3. 

Each week's curriculum sheets are kept in date-specific folders in the file cabinet in the children's area. Curriculum sheets and other resources are also available online:

Kids church questions?

Talk to Sarah Varey, or email her at [email protected]

Youth Class

The youth class follows a simple liturgy in which you begin by greeting and chatting with the class, open the study time by praying the day's Collect, reading and discussing the day's readings, and ending with a time of casually-structured prayer for the world, our communities, and our own lives.

Youth Class Liturgy Outline

To prepare for the youth class:

  1. Locate the Collect for your Sunday. (Ask the office, or find it in the "BAS Collects" link below.)
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Sunday's readings so that you can lead a conversation about the texts. You might choose to read through all the texts one after another and ponder how they relate, or choose a single text to study more closely.

Youth class resources

Youth class questions?

Talk to Luke Johnson, or email him at [email protected].