During this time of different patterns, we have the opportunity to embrace some of the gifts our Anglican and broader Christian traditions offer us. Here are some ways you can pray:

- If you have a Book of Alternative Services or a Book of Common Prayer, pick one or more of the services and include it in your day. Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are a bit longer, Mid-Day Prayer, Compline, and the Forms of Prayer for Families are shorter. If you are interested but don't know how to navigate the books, reply to this email and we'll provide information.
Digital versions of the Book of Alternative Services, Book of Common Prayer, the Online Lectionary and several other helpful resources are available on the Anglican Church of Canada's website.
Northumbria Community provides a great introduction to the daily office and online access to each day's prayers. These are ideal for individuals and families looking for something a little less involved.
Pray as you Go provides an audio option for a roughly 12 minute daily service.
- Apple users can download My Daily Office app and other apps for free

- Android users can download Daily Prayer app and other apps for free
- There are many other websites and apps that are designed to assist us in prayer. Feel free to spend some time to find one that works for your situation.