Pandemic Times

Due to the current pandemic responses, the descriptions below are not currently relevant. Given the significant interruption, it is not clear when and how our ministries to children and youth will be re-engaged. While we wait, we continue to pray for our young people, invite them to join in various events and services as possible, and hope for the day when we can be together in person again.

A Space for Every Age

As a parish, we are devoted to walking with our children and young people from the very youngest ages all the way to adulthood.


An infant-care room is ready for anyone with infants who wish to have a place to take their child and still be able to be in the service. The room is at the back of the sanctuary (next to the sound booth), and is equipped with dimming lights, a rocking chair, toys and books, and a speaker to help you keep up with the service. Please ask any of the greeters, and they will point you to the room.


Ages 1 to 3

Most Sundays throughout the year, our nursery is staffed by caring volunteers from our parish. The room is bright and clean, and well stocked with toys, activities, and books to engage your toddler. The nursery is available from the very start of the 10:30 a.m. service. Kids rejoin their families in time for the Eucharist to be able to receive as a family.

Ages 4 to Grade 5

Throughout the year, children ages 4 to grade 5 are invited to attend children's church programs. From September to June, a Sunday school time is designed to engage children with scripture, story, liturgy, and prayer using Godly Play curriculum. 

"Summer Snacks and Stories" runs during July and August, and is a time to hear good stories from the Bible and other books, and to share snacks together. 

Youth Sunday School

Most Sundays from September to June, grades 6-12 are invited for an engaging time of fellowship, scripture study, and guided prayer. Youth Sunday School is designed to be a space where young people can dig into scripture as a place to encounter the living Jesus, and a space to pray and receive prayer. Sunday school takes place from the time of 'dismissal' in the service until just before the Eucharist—approximately 10:40 to 11:20 a.m.

Youth Group

If you're in grades 6-12, St. Aidan's youth group is for you! 

Our youth ministry is powered by 3 'seriouses':

  • Take God seriously, which means we spend a significant amount of time studying scripture, praying, and learning to pray.
  • Take each other seriously, which means spending lots of time together, learning to love each other, and learning to receive from Christ from one another.
  • Take our Christian tradition seriously, which means following the Church Seasons, and drawing strength from the prayers, creeds, and lives of the followers of Jesus who came before us.

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