9:00am - 9:00pm, March 12 at St. Aidan


St. Aidan Anglican Church (124 1st Ave N.E., Moose Jaw)

And we’ll spend some time at the Kinsmen Sportsplex.

What's it about?

During the season of Lent we journey with Jesus to the cross, anticipating the joy of Easter. And so our Lenten retreat is a day of reflection and fun with good food by Carla Hoffmann, chapel times with Cody Matchett, swimming at the Kinsmen, Stations of the Cross, and a night game after sundown in the spooky shadows of St. Aidan.

What should I bring?

  • $35 for registration and your signed consent form
  • Bible
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Flashlight

Who's in charge?

Luke Johnson (LJ) - 306-313-4193 / [email protected]