Fr. Dustin -- or “Father Froth” as some affectionately refer to him -- has been involved in the life of St. Aidan for a number of years. He has served in the past as a professor, incumbent priest, and, now, as the Governance and Privacy Specialist for Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Fr. Dustin thinks in global ways, but lives with a passion for the local. He married his “local” sweetheart, Jolene; his children, Nate and Charis, keep them all imbedded in the local community and hospitality; he cares for local soil as he tends his garden; and he turns local water into delicious home-brewed ales!

Theologian and teacher, writer and strategist, gardener and brew master -- Fr. Dustin’s unique blend of giftedness and joy are treasured and appreciated by our parish.

"Faith and Froth: A Reflection on Being a Creature" by Fr. Dustin